My name is Brandon, pleased to meet you!

I am a professional Software Engineer, currently working as a frontend and backend web developer at Barracuda Networks. I specialize in web technologies, but I have a passion for all things programming.

In 2015 I graduated from Michigan Technological University, where I studied Computer Science. Despite only being in the work force for a little while, I have been playing with code since somewhere around 2006. I’ve written a number of desktop and web applications, most of which you can find on my portfolio page. PHP has been my primary programming language for several years, but I also enjoy dabbling in .NET languages, JavaScript, and C/C++, among a few others.

Besides programming, I enjoy several other hobbies including photography, computer repair, video production, tinkering with electronics, and most recently biking. If you’d like to see my photographs, you can visit my DeviantArt profile.